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[DB150] Command Station/Booster (22 Slots)

DB150 5 Amp AutoReversing DCC Command Station/Booster makes your layout more fun to run more trains, manage short circuit shutdowns and add automatic reversing.   The DB150 is the base command station/booster for the Super Empire  ... more

REGULAR: $179.99

SALE: $134.99

[DN126M2] Board Repl for MTL SW1500

Series 6 Features 2 FX3 Functions .418” x .621” x .107”10.63mm x 15.79mm x 2.72mm Fits MicroTrains Line SW1500 units ... more

REGULAR: $35.00

SALE: $26.25

[DN136D] Decoder Wired Installation

Wired Motor & Function Decoder that fits many N and HO Scale Locos. Size: .55” x .404” x .2”13.9mm x 10.3mm x 5 mm N/HO Scale 1.0 Amp/1.5 Amps Peak 3 FX3 Functions, 0.5 Amp ... more

REGULAR: $21.00

SALE: $15.75

[DN146IP] Decoder Integral 8 pin DCC Med. Plug

Fits Many DCC-Ready N and HO Scale Locomotives Size: 1.158” x .386” x .115”29.43mm x 9.81mm x 2.98mm N Scale 1.0 Amp/1.5 Amps Peak ... more

REGULAR: $32.00

SALE: $24.00

[DN163A4] Board Repl for Atlas GP30, GP35

Replaces DN163A2 Board Replacement Decoder for Atlas N Scale GP7, GP9 and GP15-1, GP30, GP35 and similar locos Decoder Lock equipped ... more

REGULAR: $35.00

SALE: $26.25

[DN163M0] Board Repl-MTL FT

Features: Board replacement decoder for MicroTrains FT. Golden-White LEDs for added realism Decoder Lock equipped ... more

REGULAR: $34.99

SALE: $26.24

[DT402] Super Throttle w/Infrared Capability

The DT402 super throttle gives you direct control of two locos at a time with all the powerful features and flexibility serious model railroaders demand.  The DT402 super throttle is designed to handle nearly every aspect of layout control.  Yo ... more

REGULAR: $185.00

SALE: $138.75